Two problems with Opera 75

Opera is a good web browser. I love it from several years. But, today, with version 75, I have a problem.


I prefer version 74 (because see

For web developpers with visual handicap, it's fine to work with Windows contrast mode (Shift + Alt + PrtScr). But, sometimes, it's necessary to view, during a short time, the color effect for a normal user. Use always "Shift + Alt + PrtScr" it's not fine, because the code editor also change his look. I perfer to click, in the task bar, on icon of a web browser which doesn't apply the Windows constrast mode, like Opera 74.

Here, with picture :

With Opera 74, it's fine !
Because Opera 74 doesn't apply the Window contrast mode.

I work in Window contrast mode (CTRL + ALT + PrtScr)

At left, Edge. At middle, Opera version 74. At right, a code editor.

Now, with version 75, it's not possible ! Why ? It's a regression !

Therefore, I install the previous version (74). It's fine during a few seconds ... After, version 74 automatically update to version 75, without my approval.

Therefore, I uninstall version 75. But, without my approval, it uninstall also version 74 !

If you have version 74 and version 75 installed,
and if you uninstall version 75,
see the result above. Version 74 is down !

Therefore, I delete manually the directory /Opera (and all sub-directories).

Now, it's clear. I install version 74. It's worderful. I'm happy. But, automatically, without my approval, version 74 research and install version 75. I click on opera.exe (version 74.0.3911.75) ...

... and Opera version 75 is launched !

And, therefore, now, Opera is "like" Edge ...

Two suggestions for all future versions

Opera is on Édition Windows 10 Famille - Version 20H2
Installé le 26-01-21 - Version du système d’exploitation 19042.867
Expérience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

Bernard LEDRU